Training/Talent Management

We design and develop training options which are tailored to meet your specific needs of the organization. These are based on an in-depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the organization wishes to achieve.

We offer Induction training,Customized and Project Based Training,Infrastructure support,Onsite and Offshore Training and Technology Training.

Talent Management
Talent management is everything an organization does to attract, hire, develop, and retain its employees. A talent management strategy determines how an organization goes about doing these things. The strategy is determined by the needs of the organization (rapid growth, change in focus, acquisitions, downsizing, etc). Once a talent management strategy is created, development is provided in a way that aligns with that strategy.

There is always room for innovation in recruitment and for us there’s nothing better than solving recruitment issues with fresh new ideas. NISI staffing services keep pace with the ever-changing needs. We offer the desired flexibility in terms of proficiency, experience & duration. Once you have shared your needs, we understand it so well, that your time will be least utilized for this activity. This in turn will make things run effortlessly.

At NISI we do all the above mentioned so that the company can focus on it core functions.