Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a process that increase the volume or quality of the online traffic to a specific website referred from search engines through organic (un-paid) search instead by paid search. Research found the closer a website appears to the top of the search results (ranks higher), the easier the website would be noticed and clicked through. So it does matter where your website appears in the ranking. Simply put, SEO is to move up the ranking of your website, so more (or most) people will see it and click it.

We only use ethical SEO techniques which are approved by search engines. We have been studying how search engines work and how people search online, and we optimize our clients website based on this knowledge.

It is a systematic process and we have a plan for each website design project to take care every aspect listed below:

Picture Page titles
Meta tags
Website structure and URL format
Picture Navigation arrangement
Anchor text
Heading tags
Picture Keyword density
Site promotion
Interactive applications
Online shopping user experience
Social networking tags