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By Chris H. Hardy

In Cosmic DNA on the foundation, structures scientist Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., lays the rules for a universe in which cognizance is the riding strength of construction that we adventure in our lives, and but a hyperdimension of collective intelligence…all how one can the starting place. this can be a thought-provoking concept of the starting place of the universe, referred to as The endless Spiral Staircase Theory.
In a witty and well-informed variety, Hardy takes us on a grand travel of the
5th measurement, black holes, the 0 element and vacuum, and the most popular
cosmologies, to teach that including this ISS hyperdimension of recognition (interlaced with hyperspace and hypertime) not just is especially in step with so much physics discoveries, yet additionally explains why we're endowed with awareness. relocating past the materialistic or random frameworks, Hardy weaves a new cosmological paradigm in which recognition and topic evolve in synchrony, and part of our being is hyperdimensional.
From the purpose of starting place, an incredible time prior to the 1st quantum, earlier than debris and subject, area and time are born, this hyperdimension unfolds as a golden spiral pushed through the phi ratio—an endless Spiral Staircase. It bears on its innumerable spires a boundless box of info issued from mother or father universes, that includes the imprint of all beings and worlds of many prior experiments; and but, this ‘Cosmic DNA’ is a box of potentials that is neither deterministic nor proscribing for our personal universe. relatively, it is a collective attention that may develop and select its innumerable paths; it's the actual size of our Selfs and person consciousnesses. Readers aspiring at relocating past the materialistic paradigm and keen to appreciate how the universe is a coherent entire, endowed with recognition, will locate this e-book super challenging.

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